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Speech analytics is one of the most efficient tools, enabling contact centers to hear and better understand the voices of their customers. Speech analytics takes time and resources to be set up properly, which means that your current analysts (if you’re a speech analyst already keep reading) have likely invested a significant amount of energy, resources, and time into building categories to target and identify business themes impacting customer experiences.

Removing Speech Analyst Bias

There are numerous benefits to hiring a speech analytics consultant. First and foremost is to increase your influence within the contact center and beyond. It’s not your or your speech analyst’s fault that unintended bias exists or that tunnel vision is starting – you or your existing analysts probably built or designed the entire program as it stands today. Outside speech consultants do not possess this "curse of knowledge" or unaware bias, as they often possess a neutral point of view with little to no fear of challenging the status quo. Even better, consultants work hands-on with you and your live data to propose and identify drivers impacting customer and agent experiences. These dedicated resources help drive the adoption and influence of your solution within all levels of your business.

Speech Consultants Solve Real Problems

Many companies are hesitant to hire consultants as the perception that using outside resources can lead to the reputation of being unable to solve internal problems. In our experience, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Speech analytics consultants stay on top of market trends and possess a vast array of experience – both of which help your business. This outside company knowledge and perspective can help earn your business a competitive advantage.  The most common quick wins from speech consultants include First Contact Resolution, Average Handle Time Reduction, Regulatory Compliance and Automated Quality Monitoring. 

Speech Consultant Cost

Costs of hiring consultants and where to find reputable and knowledgeable resources are also often concerns of many companies. In most companies, hiring an external consultant is often much more cost-effective than hiring, onboarding, and training a new employee, let alone a speech analyst that often requires a complex and specialized set of skills and abilities.

Group Elite, a world-leading provider of call center consulting, workforce optimization and contact center solutions, has consultants available for all of your workforce optimization needs – including speech analytics. Our team offers a variety of consulting approaches and packages enabling your business to take full advantage of their experience and expertise from knowledgeable and dedicated consultants with proven successes in contact center verticals.

Choose Contact Us above and ask for a quick 30-minute discussion on how we can help you remove bias, solve problems and make it fit your budget.

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Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney is an experienced Group Elite Senior Consultant and Trainer with over 20 years of experience within contact centers. Amanda is driven by a passion for building relationships, improving operational efficiencies, and ensuring adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements. She has a proven history of expertise in a wide array of contact center verticals including financial, transportation, security, medical, and automotive.