Verint integration for Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics 

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Integrate Verint and Salesforce

EliteConnect from Group Elite is an award-winning integration that connects existing CRM systems to Verint, providing greater insight into customer interactions. The Verint application add-on can be used to add CRM data fields in to Verint and to playback Verint recordings inside of Salesforce or Dynamics.

Attach Salesforce Data Fields for Verint Search & Playback

Use EliteConnect to make recordings searchable by new data fields such as customer number, customer status, order status, Zip/Postal Code, and many more. Often these are values that aren't natively in your recording system, but can be cross-referenced manually in CRM.  The application supports a variety of leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Use the Integration Check below to find out what fields are available to inject into Verint.  

Playback Verint Interactions Inside Salesforce

Salesforce Verint IntegrationEliteConnect brings the latest interactions directly into your CRM view.  Connecting with CRM tools such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, a user is able to playback an interaction with a single click. 

In this example, the Contact Interactions section provides the total of interactions in the last 30 days, the average interaction time, and a link to the recordings. 

  • Reduce discovery time through single-click access to interactions from within a customer's CRM screen
  • Improve customer visibility and research time from within Verint
  • Use custom data fields inside the Verint platform to trigger other events such as Shared Inboxes, coaching triggers, and data retention

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