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Call Center Regulatory Compliance

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Calls have been recorded for over 2 decades, but the rules have changed.  For example, if your organization is recording for coaching and NOT protecting credit card numbers as they're spoken or shown on the agent's screen, it's time to consider options to mute and mask that data. 

If your pouring over thousands of calls looking for an agent to forget a script, skip a disclosure or disposition a call, then it's time to look for technology like speech analytics and Automatic Quality Monitoring (AQM) to identify, alert and coach to the right topic.  

Watch the Success Story Video linked above to hear how a simple call disposition through speech analytics saved the company millions.

Want a demo to see how speech analytics and PCI compliant recording can be leveraged in your call center?

Have you thought that speech analytics was too expensive to use for quality monitoring and compliance?

Want us to review your regulatory issues and provide best practice recommendations from our expert team?

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