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Is your quality management program working? On average, call centers listen to 1-3% of all interactions.  Screening a small percentage of calls may leave non-compliant interactions hidden, and risk fines, lost business or worse.

Automating your QM program with speech analytics technology allows organizations to listen to 100% of calls and score them immediately after the interaction.  AQM reduces cherry picking, improves coaching and saves money. 

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Automated Quality Management (AQM) can automate the whole quality management process, evaluate calls, identify non-compliance and assign coaching – for 100% of voice and text interactions.  Automated Quality Management can also help you expand and automate as many evaluation questions as you choose. Build confidence and encourage adoption by adding forms over time, and rolling them out to in phases.

Creating new forms is easy. You can even specify which questions should be manually or automatically scored. This provides the flexibility to address particular business units, types of interactions, groups of users, and more.  Choose which questions you want to autoscore; and for what percentage of calls. Do you want to autoscore all questions, for 100 percent of calls? Or do you want to limit the questions you autoscore, or the percentage of calls? This allows you to manage the changes associated with automation, while also enjoying its benefits.

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