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What Is a Good AHT?

Your contact center's AHT is a reflection of the average amount of time it takes to handle a customer interaction.  What is good?  What is bad?  That depends on several things:

  1. A good AHT will reduce unnecessary steps and perform necessary steps quickly and efficiently.  Your quality monitoring and coaching program should be aligned with your AHT goal.
  2. A good AHT should maintain high customer satisfaction scores while balancing employee efficiency.  Customer surveys and speech analytics should be used to monitor CSAT, and speech analytics can determine factors that frustrate both agents and customers.
  3. A good AHT should consider post-call work completed by the agent.  Completing an order, dispatching a part, or dispositioning a call should be included in your AHT calculation.  
  4. A good AHT is reflective of positive NPS, or your Net Promoter Score.  Finding the sweet spot of AHT and NPS requires collecting customer feedback, analyzing interactions, and then applying that through coaching.
  5. A good AHT takes into account the good, bad and the ugly.  Short calls happen, but so do long ones.  Don't take a single call as a reflection of poor AHT, but use tools like Automated Quality Monitoring to find larger sample sizes.


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