Quick Wins

Short and targeted call center consulting engagements

What will be YOUR Quick Win this year?

Quick Wins are short, targeted consulting engagements that deliver maximum impact.  Ranging from 4-8 weeks, Quick Wins have seen results such as reduced FCR by 22%, increased NPS by 3 points and created speech analytics call dispositioning programs that have saved over $600,000 annually.

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For your agents...

First Contact Resolution

Agent Churn

Average Handle Time

Automated Quality Monitoring

Collections Effectiveness

Schedule Adherence


For your customers...

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Churn

Self-Service Adoption

Customer Effort

Avg Speed of Answer

Net Promoter Scores


For your business...

Regulatory Compliance

Process Improvement

Fraud Detection

Sales Effectiveness

Competitive Intelligence

Call Dispositioning & Root Cause

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How can we help you?

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