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Maintaining Call Center Software can be Complicated


EliteAssist - The Struggle is Real InfographicYou have a good deployment of Verint, but perhaps the staff originally trained on the software just left your company.  Or perhaps you've exhausted all the support options provided by Verint Support and just need best practices guidance.  Does this sound like you?  Have no fear!  The consulting team from Group Elite now offers you bite-sized services on-demand.  EliteAssist is designed to help you with questions such as:
  • What's the best way to order the questions on my QM form?
  • How do I make my speech analytics results more actionable?
  • Will shift bidding solve my agent retention problem?
  • Does my payroll integration in WFM accurately reflect reality?
Click the infographic to learn more.  Learn more about the scenarios that aren't covered by the maintenance and support contract from Verint or Verint reseller.  The excellent team at Verint Support team can solve your problem and EliteAssist is there to provide you the assistance you need.  Keep reading.

How does EliteAssist Work?


Purchase on-demand hours-based consulting hotline that allows you to lean on our team’s real-world experience.
Use on-demand training services to a new or temporary employee(s) on an existing Verint application.
Drive beyond simple “how-to” questions and ask for best practices that generate real business value.
Build on-going and actionable steps to move your team to the next level.
Speed up application comprehension.

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