Automate WFM schedule changes for contact center payroll accuracy

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What happens if WFM schedules aren't aligned with payroll?

50% of American employees that will begin searching for a new job after experiencing just 2 issues with their paycheck


26% of payroll administrators that say they are at the top of their game for technology and automation


8% of American workers (13.6 million) report being overpaid – and not everyone scrambles to return it

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Unleash the Power of EliteSync

EliteSync automates schedule updates and is the industry's first cloud-based contact center payroll automation tool for Verint Workforce Management.


employee conditions that differ from the reality of the employee’s schedule in Verint Workforce Management


delivery of exceptions through existing WFM integrations to payroll


the accuracy of your contact center payroll and the efficiency of your WFM team

"Our WFM team managed payroll synchronizations in Verint WFM across 8 sites with thousands of agents.  EliteSync helped us save $560,000 per year by automating simple tasks for payroll -- and we keep our existing payroll integration."
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Creating Payroll Accuracy Within Workforce Management

Half of the American workforce will start searching for a new job after experiencing just 2 issues with their paycheck.
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Using a Mobile App for WFM

How do you engage contact center agents with a WFM Mobile App?
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