It's time to answer question #5 in our eBook  "5 Questions to Ask When Building a Speech Analytics Team" :

  1. Who should be on and leading a Speech Analytics team?
  2. What are the typical day-to-day tasks of a speech team?
  3. Where should the Speech Analytics team live within your organization?
  4. Why set goals for your team and what should they be?
  5. When should I ask for outside help?

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Does speech analytics seem daunting?

Is your operations team or quality group not equipped to tackle the setup and goal setting?

Have you attempted to integrate speech analytics best practices into your organization and struggle to see the value?

The final chapter of our informative guide answers these 3 important questions. In fact, the Speech Team as a Service (STaaS) offering from Group Elite delivers business results and can tackle technical challenges as well.

The 2 most common reasons why contact centers choose STaaS are:

  • To Increase Time to Value - deliver projects faster and see more results from existing speech analytics resources.
  • To Reduce Internal Burden - as you add more departments or agents to your speech analytics system, outside resources can assist or run your program.

Our team can also assess what goals you have now and guide you through creating new ones through a through a Needs Assessment Process. 

It is hard to hear that "81% of organizations lack an enterprise data strategy to fully capitalize on their data assets," according to Accenture.  Setup your team for success by asking for outside assistance. 

Speech Analytics team projects often start small but have HUGE success in the end. 

I'd love to have a quick chat and learn more about your speech team and tell you more about how our team can provide assistance.

Click on Contact and reach out.

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Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney is an experienced Group Elite Senior Consultant and Trainer with over 20 years of experience within contact centers. Amanda is driven by a passion for building relationships, improving operational efficiencies, and ensuring adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements. She has a proven history of expertise in a wide array of contact center verticals including financial, transportation, security, medical, and automotive.