It's time for question #4 in our eBook  "5 Questions to Ask When Building a Speech Analytics Team" :

  1. Who should be on and leading a Speech Analytics team?
  2. What are the typical day-to-day tasks of a speech team?
  3. Where should the Speech Analytics team live within your organization?
  4. Why set goals for your team and what should they be?
  5. When should I ask for outside help?

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Setting goals for your team should be an ongoing process for any speech analytics team.  The intro to this eBook covers the various parts of the organization that purchase speech analytics technology and often the goals are part of that department's strategic plan.

To learn more about each of these areas, click to download the full eBook:

  • Be Reactive - matching KPIs to specific projects.
  • Be Proactive - setting goals to discover problems as they occur.
  • Evangelize - learn how to tell others about your technology

For a more in-depth look into each area, download the eBook today. Our team can also assess what goals you have now and guide you through creating new ones through a through a Needs Assessment Process

Always keep in mind that "81% of organizations lack an enterprise data strategy to fully capitalize on their data assets," according to Accenture.  Having your speech team in the right place will drive return on investment and keep driving insights for decades!

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Question 5: When should I ask for outside help with speech analytics?
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Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney

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