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Contact center managed services offers an array of benefits across all lines of business within any type of contact center and industry – financial services, transportation, security, medical, insurance, and more. Contact center managed services offerings focus on driving the adoption of your solutions within your enterprise all while helping your organization increase customer loyalty and drive revenue. In fact, contact center managed services improve your ROI (Return on Investment) so that you can focus on the customer experience, not the burden of maintaining software platforms.

The Benefits of Managed Services for Call Centers

One of the many benefits of managed services is working hands-on with industry leading experts. Experts who have walked in your shoes and understand your business inside and out. Throughout this partnership, dedicated resources work with your company’s real-live data and share best practices to target customer pain points. These efforts combined, drive improved agent performance, impact NPS (Net Promotor Score), and ultimately lead to an efficient adoption of your contact center solutions.

Fresh Perspectives Drive Call Center Innovation

A fresh perspective is extremely important. Contact center managed services allows you to share and discuss with the consultants that bring their unique perspective. Each consultant tailors their approach and agenda to meet your business needs. Consultants across many service providers are diverse, offering a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise. Group Elite has experience in over 10 verticals that enable them to highlight themes and trends that may have been overlooked due to the business owners being too close and involved with the data.

Consultants often bring various methodologies to focus in on and emphasize recommendations to drive change and increase ROI. Recommendations are made using actionable and scalable data collected through your contact center solutions with the focus being on improving customer and agent experiences. Never forget - happy agents lead to happy customers, which lead to increased customer loyalty and spend.

Group Elite Can Help

Let us know how our managed services offerings can help you. Group Elite’s contact center managed service offerings begin with a full business assessment that enable consultants to quickly identify “Quick Wins” while end users learn firsthand from the experts working side by side using your real data. Group Elite’s expertise and experience are your gain, and both are guaranteed to help you maximize the value of your enterprise solutions.

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Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney is an experienced Group Elite Senior Consultant and Trainer with over 20 years of experience within contact centers. Amanda is driven by a passion for building relationships, improving operational efficiencies, and ensuring adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements. She has a proven history of expertise in a wide array of contact center verticals including financial, transportation, security, medical, and automotive.