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Call Center Agent Churn 

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What is call center agent churn and why does it happen?

Agent churn in your contact center is simply the amount of cell center agents that are leaving your organization.  There are many reasons why employees leave, but the call center has its own unique set of challenges.

  1. Scheduling:  a call center typically has a strict set of schedules that can change frequently. It is important to use a good Workforce Management Tool to balance the optimal set of schedules that is good for your company and good the employees.  
  2. Time Off:  Because a call center has hundreds or thousands of employees doing the same job, time off management can be complicated.  Watch the Success Story Video above to hear about custom enhancements to time off management that can improve agent churn.
  3. Pay & Benefits:  Of course pay and benefits are an important aspect of retaining good employees. Study your local market, but don't forget the work-from-home trend. Working from home is becoming more common and poses a new threat to your agent churn strategy.

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