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July 1, 2021 - Group Elite’s cloud-ready solution EliteSync became the first partner-ready listing for Verint Workforce Management (WFM) in the Verint Marketplace, the company announced. EliteSync creates smooth communication with the customer’s existing Verint WFM and payroll integration by synchronizing an agent’s actual worked hours with the published schedules.

EliteSync solves a unique challenge in today’s contact center. Most Verint WFM customers seamlessly integrate their solution with payroll solutions such as Kronos, SAP, ADP or Workday. The challenge in this process is that WFM does not always reflect the actual hours worked. Incorrect payroll data means incorrect paychecks and according to research from the Workforce institute, 8% of American workers are overpaid and not reporting it and 50% of employees will begin searching for a new job after experiencing just 2 issues with their paycheck.

Without EliteSync, WFM analysts must manually update each of the agent’s schedules to reconcile actual hours worked to the published schedule, hopefully before the integration updates the payroll system.

"Our team recently helped a Verint WFM user that managed payroll synchronizations across 8 sites with thousands of agents,” shared William Hawley, Chief Operating Officer at Group Elite. “EliteSync saved the organization $560,000 per year by automating these simple tasks for payroll, resulting in 100% accuracy with their existing payroll integration."

Making EliteSync available on the Verint Marketplace makes it easy for customers and partners to solve a costly challenge and reduce the overall WFM manpower required to update schedule changes manually.

“This past year Verint customers were challenged with new workforce dynamics, expanding customer engagement channels, and exponentially more consumer interactions – all which must be managed with limited budget and resources,” says Verint’s John Bourne, senior vice president, global channels and alliances. “We are pleased to welcome our long-time partner, Group Elite, to the Verint Marketplace to help assist customers in overcoming these challenges and provide solutions and services to drive engagement, provide guidance and value for organizations.”

Verint customers and partners should log into the Verint Marketplace to schedule a demo or reach our with questions to me directly at matthew.storm@groupelite.com.

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Matthew Storm

Matthew Storm

Matthew Storm is the VP of Marketing and has been evangelizing and promoting customer experience solutions for over 20 years. Previously he lead marketing programs for contact center technology providers such as Jacada, NICE Systems, OpenText and QPC in the Americas, Europe and Middle East. Before working on the vendor side, Matthew got his start in the contact center industry back in the 1990s while working for Dell Computer and various startups where he implemented solutions for workforce management, recording, analytics, predictive dialers and CRM. Matthew is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and has an MBA from St. Edward’s University. He and his wife Karla live in Dallas, Texas and is very proud of his Park Ranger daughter.