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Between the cost of finding the right agents, training the right agents, and coaching the right agents - onboarding new contact center agents can get very expensive, very quickly! With costs adding up, let’s look at how companies can use Quality Monitoring (QM) and Recording solutions to set their new hires up for long term success! This foundation of long-term success starts with a strong and collaborative training approach – an approach that incorporates QM tools from the very beginning.  Check out the ways to uncover how you can start setting up your contact center new hires for success!

  1. Create Best Practice Folders: Within the Verint Quality Monitoring solution, using the flags feature enables companies to group interactions and evaluations within folders. Creating folders for different call types such as great training examples is a great start to enabling trainers to showcase agents that deliver the best service to customers. 

  2. Record Training Calls:  Another great tool to include within training curriculums is to record mock or test calls that trainees take during their training. Encouraging agents to hear how they sound during calls and to experience the call from the customers point of view is extremely powerful!

  3. Encourage Self-Evaluation:  Tools from companies like Verint also feature ways to let agents self-evaluate. Granting agents access to their own calls and asking them to evaluate the calls from the customers point of view is a great tool to help leaders and agents identify areas of opportunity as well as strengths. 

  4. Calibrate with Agents AND Evaluators:  Speaking of evaluations, taking the time to walk through quality forms by discussing each question in detail and aligning expectations goes a long way to help agents be aware of what items are critical within calls by bringing attention to compliance or regulatory questions. A great tip to help with better understand quality processes is to include instructional text within forms. (Listen to our Instructional Text webinar here). The instructional text within a quality monitoring forms can provide quick reminders on what agents need to do or say to receive a positive score. Need more call calibration tips - here are a few.

  5. Establish Peer Mentors:  Peer-to-peer mentors are a great idea to build a storng relationship between teams while also providing one-on-one support for new hires. Pairing your top performers with new agents is a great growth opportunity and reward for more seasoned agents and allows them to showcase their skills and abilities. Why not let the new agents learn from your best agents?

    PRO TIP:  Use call calibrations between the pair so they each can separately evaluate calls and discuss where they are aligned and disconnected! 

  6. Teach Agents How to Read their Dashboard:  Dashboards are a great one-stop-shop to display critical information to your agents in an easily digestible manner. Start small with one or two metrics such as monthly quality score and pass or fail information to help ease agents into being able to gauge changes that should be made to increase performance. 

In summary, encourage new hire contact center agents to log into their Quality Monitoring systems, listen to their calls, ask questions, and learn from their peers.  These tips will ensure your new hires are set up for long term success!

To learn more about contact center white glove services from Group Elite, visit our resources page or contact us to discuss your New Hire Training Program today. 

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Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney is an experienced Group Elite Senior Consultant and Trainer with over 20 years of experience within contact centers. Amanda is driven by a passion for building relationships, improving operational efficiencies, and ensuring adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements. She has a proven history of expertise in a wide array of contact center verticals including financial, transportation, security, medical, and automotive.