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September 3, 2020 - For nearly a decade, Group Elite has implemented solutions for Workforce Optimization (WFO) by hiring elite contact center engineers, consultants, trainers and contact center professionals.  As a partner or customer, we know that our experience is YOUR advantage.  What makes for a successful software deployment in the call center industry?  How do you measure success juggling countless stakeholders all while the customer experience is on the line?

Lean on the fact that past performance predicts future results. 

Experienced Call Center Architects

Our experience design architects are here to help you choose, plan for and implement the best call center solutions on the market.  As a Verint Strategic Partner, our team has 80+ people on staff that understand new installations, upgrades and migrations to the cloud.    Let our team help you:

  • Understand features across various platforms
  • Achieve results with a new platform
  • Bridge the gap: Translating features from old platforms to a new one
  • Protect or archive call recording data from your retiring system
  • Work with your Information Security (InfoSec) team for system verification and internal approval
  • Provide system diagrams and architectural layout to start a new call center project
  • Create solution design documents for project kickoff

Experienced Call Center Engineers

Group Elite provides complete implementation services for on-premise and cloud-based call center projects. Our Services Engineers have an average of 10+ years of experience on all our solutions. Choose Group Elite if you are looking for:

  • Smooth cut-overs between versions or new installations
  • Dedicated resources and assigned engineers that work from the beginning of the project to the end
  • Structured escalation process for quick resolution of issues

Experienced Call Center Trainers

Our training team utilizes their operational experience and expertise to deliver training focused on adoption. We create onsite and virtual call center application training options that provide you the expertise needed to succeed and is delivered based on your internal processes and resources to:

  • Gain knowledge or call center refresher training for seasoned users
  • Meet specific business goals (FCR, AHT, Sales, NPS)
  • Comply with call center industry regulations
  • Comply with call center union standards

Experienced Call Center Professionals

Our consulting services are white-glove projects based on a hands-on, tailored agenda to meet your business needs. We are a diverse and dynamic group that provides training and offer best practice suggestions, from real world environments, to use in developing, deploying and administering your needs. Consulting includes:

  • WFM Consulting
  • QM Consulting
  • Speech Analytics Consulting
  • Process Improvement Consulting
  • Compliance and Security Adherence

Experience Making It Right

In addition to deployments of Verint Customer Engagement Solutions, our team can also gracefully migrate your systems from legacy platforms such as NICE, Calabrio, Qfiniti or other.  Migration options include:

  • 24/7/365 Staffed NOC in North America
  • Saving archived recordings to the cloud for playback
  • Verint HFR Installation (Verint Hot Fix Releases)
  • Verint Patch Installation
  • Verint Data Restoration
  • Verint License Renewals
  • Additional end-user training

Today we invite you to visit the new and updated webpage to learn more about becoming a Group Elite partner or customer.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Matthew Storm

Matthew Storm

Matthew Storm is the VP of Marketing and has been evangelizing and promoting customer experience solutions for over 20 years. Previously he lead marketing programs for contact center technology providers such as Jacada, NICE Systems, OpenText and QPC in the Americas, Europe and Middle East. Before working on the vendor side, Matthew got his start in the contact center industry back in the 1990s while working for Dell Computer and various startups where he implemented solutions for workforce management, recording, analytics, predictive dialers and CRM. Matthew is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and has an MBA from St. Edward’s University. He and his wife Karla live in Dallas, Texas and is very proud of his Park Ranger daughter.