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Are you spending too much time working on quality or call center coaching disputes rather than on evaluating calls?

We all know quality disputes enhance negative perceptions of the quality team:

  • The evaluators are just out to “ding” agents!
  • The QA team is evil and only out to get us (or people on my team)!
  • The coaches don’t live in reality! They’re just here to catch us doing stuff wrong!

The disputes you have during a quality evaluation or coaching session often lead to agents and leaders losing faith in the overall quality process.  In fact, in some cases I’ve seen disputes lead to questions whether we should have a quality team at all!

I have created some rules for agents, evaluators and leaders that the team at Group Elite uses when we help companies setup QM processes.  I hope these will take the wicked preconceived notions out of the process for you.

Rule for Agents

When agents receive completed evaluations, they should be able to clearly see the guidelines used to score the questions directly in the evaluation itself.

Rule for Evaluators

Evaluators should always have instructional text included within the form during the evaluation process, which enhances their ability to correctly score calls correct the first time.

Rule for Leaders

Leaders should not use impartial guidance but should always use instructional text in the evaluation as the basis for a dispute or if the agent failed to meet requirements.

Do you see a pattern?  Your current Quality Management (QM) solution should always include the ability to include instructional text within the questions.

  • Not on a separate document on a shared drive.
  • Not in a knowledge-base article they can find later.
  • Not in a folder on the shelf in their cubicle.
  • Not within a handout given to the agent in training.

Including instructional text benefits several levels within the organization and it will help you during onboarding, during calibration, and of course during disputes.  Mistakes do happen during the quality process and agent should perceive the process as helpful and fair.

Reach out to one of our QM experts and let us show you how instructional text helps take some of the guessing game out of the dispute management.

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Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney

Amanda Haney is an experienced Group Elite Senior Consultant and Trainer with over 20 years of experience within contact centers. Amanda is driven by a passion for building relationships, improving operational efficiencies, and ensuring adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements. She has a proven history of expertise in a wide array of contact center verticals including financial, transportation, security, medical, and automotive.