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What is desktop process analytics? Desktop Process Analytics (DPA) tracks activities, processes, and provides alerts and automation to guide call center employees along the customer journey. DPA gives insights into day-to-day operations, assists agents in maintaining focus, and creates best practices surrounding the most efficient way to do business in your unique environment.

How Easy Is It For Your Agents to do Business With Your Customers?

As a contact center leader or supervisor, we are confident that you care for your call center agent’s productivity and always want them to have the best tools available. However, often call center agents’ “time saving tools” bog down their workflow. Desktop Process Analytics (DPA) gives us insight into these types of shortcomings. Are agents having to jump back and forth between applications just because a question was asked by our customers? By tracking activities and application usage, we can get insights into where this flow takes place.

What Applications and Screen Do Your Agents Use The Most?

DPA also provides insight into an agent’s desktop activity on a call-by-call basis. This is great for coaching opportunities. For example, if you see an agent not opening the right applications before a call or applications are creating a longer wait time for the customer, you can correct these actions quickly. DPA insights can then be used to trigger Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as if an agent should be spending more time in knowledge articles. Look at the overall behavior over time and then coach directly to those KPIs.

Desktop Process Analytics Equals Automation

There are times when call center processes just leave room for error. DPA can help remove those challenges. When an agent is navigating their day-to-day activities, automated pop-ups can guide an agent along the correct path. This on-screen guidance can also be sent to managers for intervention, and with real time automation data, be transferred from one system to another to prevent a full agent handover.

DPA improves service, productivity, and quality objectives within your business. Agents will find it easier to do business which leads to decreased handle times and increased customer satisfaction. Real-time insights boost your coaching, make coaches more productive and the overall automation will simultaneously reduce errors. Financialexecutives.org recently shared that, “Human beings make mistakes all the time. Indeed, we make an average of 118 per year in the workplace alone… A wide swath of industries and functions stand to benefit, including finance, marketing, sales, administrative management, and much more. These fields still need the creativity, experience, discernment, and knowledge that human professionals can provide – but they don’t need to rely on error-prone employees to handle tasks that AI systems can handle perfectly well.”

Do you know the creative changes to make inside your call center processes? Are you up for the challenge? Our team would love to show you more about why DPA matters.

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Andrew Tolbert

Andrew Tolbert

Andrew Tolbert is a Senior Business Consultant and Trainer for Group Elite. Andrew has over a decade of experience in the contact center industry and specializes in speech and desktop analytics. He is based on Birmingham, Alabama and is also a father, author and musician.