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Hold on to your gourds, as Group Elite is pleased to announce their new pumpkin-spice artificial intelligence (AI) solution for contact centers. Coming later this Fall, the solution will revolutionize experiences for agents while processing caffeine intake through coffee-machine-learning (CML) and delivering calculated amounts of real-time pumpkin spice latte (PSL) through an agent's headset.

Asked for comment, a local agent in the Sleepy Hollow, New York area commented, "before trying the PSL solution, our NPS levels were consistently dipping below 31 and we could not stay awake and deliver for our customers."  

The AI-brewed solution guarantees a powerful punch through a mobile app, but only for a limited time at select contact centers in the United States and Canada.

"Group Elite wants to give them pumpkin to talk about," shares Vice President of AI Innovation, for Group Elite. "Humans, as well as chatbots, are not smart enough to measure appropriate levels of caffeine, and now Group Elite's PSL solution smartly infuses just the right amount of pumpkin spice to boost employee morale and elevate customer satisfaction." 

The AI-infused solution works across omni-channel experiences and the PSL solution will be available in medium-regular size in Canada and demi, grande, and trenti in the United States.

All silliness aside, if your contact center is interested in monster-sized results then our barista recommends our Quick Wins project team for quick, targeted engagements for optimal results.

Happy Fall everyone.

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