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What Is a Good ASA?

Your contact center's ASA or Average Speed of Answer is the time it takes to handle an interaction once the call is placed in queue. According to Workforce Management Today, "if a caller is not speaking with a call center agent after a minute nearly two-thirds of people will hang-up."
What is good?  What is bad?  That depends on several things:
  1. A good ASA will avoid abandonment, or the callers that will disconnect while waiting.  Your abandonment rate should be partnered with your ASA so that you have quick answers times without losing a customer.  
  2. A good ASA should consider the omnichannel landscape.  "The omnichannel landscape of today complicates this a touch. So instead of call center management saying, 'I want 80% of calls answered within 30 secs,' and that be that, today the call center extends to chat, social media, email and more," shares Workforce Management Today.


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